Every theatrical production has two groups working together to produce a flawless and meaningful event for its targeted audience. The first is the cast onstage whose role is to convey the play’s message to the audience. The second group operates backstage behind the scenes to support what is taking place onstage. All the lights, sound, set design, costumes and other necessary items combine to help express the onstage message more clearly. Without backstage support, those onstage would be unable to effectively accomplish their mission.

Similarly, the Shepherd’s Staff are committed people our Bishop and First Lady lean on to support the ministry through volunteer service. The Shepherd’s Staff works diligently behind the scenes to help spread the Gospel message worldwide. Whatever the task, small or great, all Professional Ministry Technicians labor together to create a total worship experience that is unique, inspiring and life changing.
The Shepherd’s Staff… saved to serve and support the vision of The Potter’s House.


Vision of the Volunteer Ministry
To provide world class volunteer service that is anointed by the Holy Spirit with the flexibility to minister to all who enter The Potter’s House Church, Conferences and Associations, regardless of ethnicity or social class.

Mission of the Volunteer Ministry
Connecting the call to serve where God is molding clay vessels to do extraordinary works in an environment without limits.

The Volunteer Department Office Hours:
Monday to Friday – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone – 214.333.6426

Getting Started

We consider each Shepherd’s Staff volunteer to be a living, breathing ambassador of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Potter’s House and its subsidiaries. As a result, there are requirements each individual must meet before entering voluntary ministry service.

To become a Shepherd’s Staff volunteer, you must:
– Be a member of The Potter’s House
– Attend Fresh Start Orientation
– Complete the Saved-to-Serve form
– Submit to a background check, if required

Volunteer Information
In partnership with the Fresh Start Ministry, volunteer orientation is held every second Saturday of the month. This orientation provides a forum to answer any inquiries about Shepherd’s Staff and volunteer opportunities ministry-wide.

Topics covered during these sessions include:
– What ministries are offered at The Potter’s House?
– What is the Shepherd’s Staff?
– How do I become active?
– Which ministries have the greatest need?
– How do I volunteer for conferences?
– How does the background check process work?
– Who sees my personal information?
– What is a Saved to Serve form?
– Shepherd’s Staff ID Badge
– Volunteer Handbook
– Ministry Transfers, Referrals
– Gift Assessment, if needed

In order to become a volunteer at The Potter’s House the new member must:

  • Attend Fresh Start
  • Complete a Saved-to-Serve Form and/or gift assessment.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will process the forms. If necessary, the form will be forwarded to Security for a back-ground check.
  • Once processed, referrals will be sent to the Ministry Leader to contact volunteers and welcome them to their ministries
  • Once the volunteer attends the orientation for the ministry of their choosing, The Ministry Leader will forward the volunteers’ name to the Volunteer Department for a badge request. The badge pictures are taken every second Sunday of the month. Once the volunteer takes the picture, the volunteer is issued a temporary badge to allow them to serve until their permanent badge is complete.
  • The Volunteer permanent badge is forwarded to the Ministry Leader for distribution, which takes approximately two weeks to process.

Volunteer Process Forms:

Download Volunteer Support Form

Download Saved To Serve and Code Of Ethics Form

Submit Online Saved To Serve Form.


Volunteer Transfer/Add-On

There are a myriad of different ministry opportunities at The Potter’s House. One of your most difficult yet rewarding challenges will be discovering the best place in the House for your unique gifts, talents and skills. As a result, a transfer to another ministry area could be ideal.

The Potter’s House Volunteer Department offers a gift assessment that will assist you in finding the place where God has called you to serve.

If a Shepherd Staff volunteer desires to transfer to another area, then the individual should:

  • The volunteer completes the transfer form located in the Volunteer Office.
  • The volunteer must have the Ministry Leader sign the transfer form. For an add-on the Ministry Leader does not need to sign.
  • All forms must have the signature of the Pastoral Overseer for the current ministry.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator completes the form and makes the changes or additions to the volunteers’ file.
  • Once documentation is completed, the Volunteer Department notifies the volunteer and the new department of the transition.

Volunteer Transfer / Add-On Forms:

Download Volunteer Transform Form

Download Volunteer Add-On Form

Volunteer Separation/Inactive Status
As volunteers serve in this ministry, there is one thing we all are aware of; that is, we are all here for a season. When seasons end, we would like for all of our volunteers to continue to do all that God has called them to do.

Therefore, we would like for all of our volunteers to:

  • Meet with their Pastoral Overseer regarding their decision to separate from the ministry or transition to an inactive status.
  • Complete the Separation / Inactive Status form.
  • The Ministry Leader will sign the separation / inactive status paperwork.>If there’s no activity from the volunteer for 90 days, (no attendance at meetings, no active participation in ministry, etc) the volunteer status is automatically deemed inactive.
  • The form is signed by the Ministry Leader and Pastoral Overseer.
  • For separation, the Volunteer Coordinator will conduct the exit procedure which includes de-activation of the badge.
  • For inactive status, the documentation will be processed in the system and the badge will be de-activated.

Download Volunteer Separation/Inactive Form

Obtaining a Shepherd’s Staff Badge

Shepherd’s Staff volunteers entering The Potter’s House Worship Center through the Shepherd’s Staff Entrance (Atrium) must display a current Shepherd’s Staff badge. This badge is obtained as follows:

  • The Ministry Leader submits the name to the Volunteer Department no later than one week prior to the second Sunday of each month.
  • The Volunteer Department verifies the record on file and generates a temporary badge. Within 2 weeks, the volunteer receives, via their Ministry Leader, a volunteer picture badge.

For Youth, ages 13-18, the badge process is handled differently. Please contact the Youth Leader for badge information.


We understand Shepherd’s Staff volunteer badges may occasionally become misplaced and/or lost. If this occurs, Shepherd’s Staff volunteers should take the following actions as soon as possible:

  1. Notify your Ministry Leader regarding the misplaced and/or lost badge.
  2. The Badge replacement fee is $10.00.
  3. The Ministry Leader will notify the Volunteer Department.
  4. A replaced badge will be generated.


List of Ministries

Finding My Place in Ministry

The Bible teaches that God in His great wisdom set up an order or structure in which we function. He appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints and for the work of the ministry so the body of Christ may be built up and mature. God has a plan to train and equip every believer as a minister and place him or her in a position of service. God does not make mistakes and everything He does is with purpose. He would not give us talents, personality and spiritual gifts along with life experience if He were not going to use us for His glory. Everyone that comes to Christ and is born into the Kingdom of God has a special gift for a special place of service.

God created us with a sense of uniqueness and equipped us with abilities that cause our differences to complement one another. As we operate in our special talent and spiritual gifting, we find fulfillment as we complete those around us.

We are one step closer to accomplishing all that God has placed in our hands. Thank you for being a doer of the Word and not a hearer only. Thanks for accepting the call to be a participant and not a spectator in the Lord’s work. Thank you for endeavoring to be a keeper of the Flame here at The Potter’s House!