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Cultivating A Meaningful Life

One-to-one friendship. Leadership development. For individuals with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD), these components are essential for cultivating a meaningful life. Best Buddies International, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, serves millions within the IDD community, including those with autism, Fragile X, and Down syndrome, among other disabilities. In 1989, Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver, an activist for people with intellectual disabilities, founded Best Buddies to meet the diverse needs of the IDD community. The nonprofit organization has since expanded its initial chapter in the Washington D.C. area to include over 2,000 chapters worldwide. With social inclusion at the forefront of its strategic efforts, Best Buddies has helped countless individuals develop friendships; improve self-esteem; and enhance public speaking and presentation skills. The nonprofit organization includes U.S. chapters spanning across all 50 states, as well as international chapters spanning over 50 countries.


Charting A Path For The IDD Community

Best Buddies has partnered with The Potter’s House of Dallas as part of a robust social inclusion and diversity initiative. Together, the partnership aims to bring awareness of the diverse needs and challenges of the IDD community, while providing ministry support to those individuals and their families. The Potter’s House Dallas Chapter of Best Buddies is the first of its kind for any church in the world and is honored to be the first church to partner with Best Buddies International. This unprecedented partnership will facilitate opportunities to reach underserved communities with disabilities, and cultivate inclusion and diversity throughout the areas we serve. To this end, we will leverage community partnerships to achieve the greatest impact for those with disabilities.


Advocating For Social Inclusion And Diversity

As one of the most influential ministries in the world, The Potter’s House continues to advocate for inclusion and diversity – and the IDD community is no exception. We want to ensure that every person within this community has the support and guidance needed to live a more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many individuals with IDD are often forgotten or deemed undesirable by society. The Potter’s House is excited to integrate more individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the ministry. In partnership with Best Buddies, The Potter’s House looks forward to achieving positive outcomes for this community.


Serving Those With IDD

The Potter’s House Dallas Chapter of Best Buddies offers monthly support groups for families and daily care providers of IDD individuals. These support groups are segmented to address the specific needs of mothers, fathers, siblings, and caregivers of those with IDD.

For more information about The Potter’s House Dallas Chapter of Best Buddies, including programs, meeting information, events, and how you can get involved, contact bestbuddies@tdjakes.org or call 214-331-0954×1417.

To learn more about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), or to get specific information on Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, or resources, visit the sites below.




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