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Creating a Capable World

Your donation to Capable Minds, Hearts & Hands creates a world of possibilities for our IDD family, showing them just how capable they are! Because of your generosity, we can offer programs and support to help these remarkable individuals thrive. A soul can soar today with your “yes”!

Your Generosity Empowers Lives

Where do we go to belong and be involved? Community. With your giving, we can join existing volunteer outreach efforts, create new opportunities in underserved communities, and collaborate with partners.

When we're empowered, we can pursue passion and reach our potential. Your donations empower IDD individuals by giving them the right tools to collaborate, solve problems, create, communicate, and connect.

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on. Your generosity creates a safe space for IDD individuals, their families, advocates, and caregivers through monthly support groups that address their specific needs.

Thank you!

Your "yes" shows them how capable they are!