This April at The Potter’s House of Dallas, we’re rolling out the figurative red carpet for the much-anticipated return of Wednesday School — rejuvenated, reinvented, and ready to engage the faithful, both old and new.  


A Welcome Home for the Whole Family 

This time around, we’re turning it into a bona fide family affair. Youth ministry will ignite in the chapel, while our littlest congregants will discover the wonders of Destiny World. Worried about dinner? We’ve got you covered with a lineup of food trucks serving up an assortment of cuisines — because spiritual nourishment should accompany the physical kind. 


Your Midweek Oasis for Spiritual Growth 

The thrust of Wednesday School is to provide a deeper, more intimate understanding of God’s message and how it intertwines with our everyday lives. This unique midweek boost is back to give you the Bible study tools you need to grow and to win in all areas of life. Join us for a monthlong, interactive experience, with seasoned TPH pastors and leaders who will guide you in better understanding the Word and applying it to your unique path. 


Unpacking Scripture 

Wednesday School isn’t your typical sit-and-soak service. Here, you are invited to engage, to question, and to learn actively. The structured approach to biblical teaching is designed to help the Word resonate more deeply, whether you’re a relative newcomer to the faith, a seasoned believer, or a curious soul seeking wisdom. 


Studying the Bible More Effectively 

To make the most of Wednesday School, it helps to come prepared. Bring an open heart, a curious mind, and a notebook and pen to jot down the insights that are sure to arise.  


Here are a few helpful tips to help you study the Bible effectively: 

  • Set the Scene: Prioritize a quiet, distraction-free area where you can focus.
  • Start With Prayer: Invite the Holy Spirit into your study to guide your understanding.
  • Read Actively: Analyze the text, ask questions, and seek to understand the context.
  • Cross-Reference: Use study Bibles and guides to connect passages thematically.
  • Apply What You Learn: Reflect on how the teachings can shape your daily walk.


Join Us This April 

We are thrilled to open the doors of The Potter’s House of Dallas for Wednesday School once again. Let this midweek engagement be a joyous supplement to your spiritual diet, a communal treasure. Whether you’re a faithful member, a local seeking a community Bible study near you, or a traveler just passing through, we welcome you to join us this April to experience this revival of learning and community that is the hallmark of The Potter’s House. 

We can’t wait to see you at The Potter’s House of Dallas for Wednesday School every Wednesday in April beginning at 7 p.m. CT. If you can’t attend in person, join us online at It’s a date with destiny — and with knowledge! 

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April 2, 2024