Life is a tapestry woven with threads of joy, love, and sometimes, loss. As we bid adieu to the season of love, we remember the hearts that are heavy with grief. It can cast a long shadow, and the road to healing often requires more than time — it requires support, understanding, and care. 

In the spirit of compassion that defines The Potter’s House, we extend our hands and hearts to those who find themselves struggling with loss. Our counseling ministry stands as a beacon of hope for anyone enduring the ache of losing a loved one. We offer the warmth of professional guidance to light your path toward healing. 


A Ministry for All 


Our doors are open not just to our members, but to anyone in the broader community seeking comfort and a listening ear. This outreach is a testament to the universal calling of love and support that forms the foundation of The Potter’s House. 


Compassionate Care at No Cost 


Understanding that the journeys through life after loss are complex and deeply personal, it is our commitment to offer professional online counseling support that’s both accessible and free of charge. Our licensed counselors bring expertise and empathy to every session, providing personalized care that respects your unique process of grieving and healing. 


Reach Out and Begin the Journey of Healing 


Scheduling an online session or learning more about this caring ministry couldn’t be easier. Simply email or call (214) 333-6483 to take that brave first step. 


You Are Not Without Support 


Amidst the ups and downs of dealing with grief, one thing remains certain — you are never alone. With spiritual guidance and the solidarity of The Potter’s House community, you are supported as you find your way back to light and peace. 


Remember, the power of healing lies within connection, and we are here to connect with you. Start the path to restoration with our counseling ministry and allow us to uplift and affirm you each step of the way. 


Are you or someone you know navigating through life after loss? Share this message of hope and connection. The Potter’s House is here, ready to be a part of your healing story. 

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February 27, 2024