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Video Upload Instructions

  1. Video can be shot with the front or back lense of your device or from a computer laptop.
  2. Video should be shot from the waist up.
  3. Use solid color backgrounds with no images or logos.
  4. Click the “Submit your entry” button to go to the upload page.
  5. Use the code “tph” (all lower case) to access the upload form.
  6. *Further help can be found on the video upload page by clicking the help icon.
  7. If you have any trouble uploading your video, please email us at

All videos must be submitted by:
April 30, 2020


The song you will be submitting is “PH Medley.” The entire song and all the parts are listed below.  Download or play the songs from your device.

Please indicate if Alto, Tenor, or Soprano.

Download or View Song Lyrics

Over and Over Bounce MP3

Over and Over New Vocal Bounce