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Position: TV Asset Management Administrator

Job Duties

Reports To:

Television Chief Engineer


Description of Position:

The Asset Management Administrator is an important part of The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc. / T.D. Jakes Ministries as it is the storage and archive system that stores and organizes (for access) all of Bishop Jakes recorded messages. As such, the management and organization of recorded source material is paramount to the preservation of Bishop Jakes’ messages.


Due to the importance of this position, the following is required:



The Asset Management Administrator must be a team-focused, self-motivated individual that works well with other team members as synergy with the Production and Post-Production teams are essential.  Technical aptitude and the ability to operate sophisticated server systems is paramount to this position.  The Asset Management Administrator may be called upon to oversee many different tasks and operations. Some of these may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

[1.]  Plan and create user accounts;

[2.]  Plan use of media spaces;

[3.]  Create or delete media spaces;

[4.]  Add and remove users;

[5.]  Reset users’ passwords;

[6.]  Assist editors in usage of system;

[7.]  Grant rights (level of user authority);

[8.]  Manage project spaces;

[9.]  Assist users in protecting and manage their material;

[10.] Troubleshoot and rectify basic user issues with logging in and accessing media;

[11.]  Monitor disk usage, and;

[12.]  Set up EditShare software on workstations.


Required skills include:

Familiar with Apple and PC systems

Ability to work with many different types of people and personalities

Ability to listen and process information

Ability to remember specific information over long periods of time

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely

Ability to manage time effectively

Ability to understand and meet Deadlines

Ability to maintain positive and professional attitudes during times of challenging deadlines

Additional duties as needed and as delegated.



Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm

One Hour Lunch

Some weekends and travel required

Must check company issued cell phone/email on a consistent basis



















Television Department

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