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PHIPA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PHIPA?
A: PHIPA is an acronym for Potter’s House International Pastoral Alliance. PHIPA is the spiritual covering for pastors that choose to officially link arms and sit under the leadership of Bishop T. D. Jakes and be in covenant relationship with him and his ministry

Q: How can I become a PHIPA member?
A: Must be a senior pastor actively pastoring a church. You can go online www.tdjakes.org and read about PHIPA after you select PHIPA under “Explore T. D. Jakes Ministries." Download the application, print it and submit the application profile with the mentioned requirements (church's mission and vision statement, first of the tithe/offering).

Q: Will I be mentored by Bishop Jakes if I become a PHIPA Member?

A: Yes you will, however it will be corporately not individually. The ministry of Bishop Jakes will mentor you. Bishop Jakes has placed two doormen at the PHIPA (an executive director and a director) to handle the day-to-day operations of PHIPA. These men have collectively more than 60 years of ministry experience.

Q: The tithe/offering, is it from the church or the pastor?
A: The tithe/offering is from the pastor’s salary. We are a covering for the pastor, not the church.

Q: I am looking for a church home in my area or I am moving to a new location. Can you recommend a church that I can attend?
A: It is not the practice of PHIPA to recommend any one church over another for attendance. It is the preference of PHIPA that you allow the Holy Spirit to help you locate a place of worship. We do recommend that you visit churches and ask other practicing Christians in your area where they attend church. We realize this process can take some time, however whatever we recommend may not fulfill what God has in store for you or it may not be the location where He wants you serving. Be in tune with your spirit-man and you will land at the right location. The churches you attend in this process will be blessed by your attendance and you should concentrate on what you can bring to the church as the Lord needs workers. God wants you where you can be involved!

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