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A three area neighborhood and international “Green Initiative” for Earth Day

DALLAS, April 25, 2011—In celebration of Earth Day, The Potter’s House MegaCARE Missions doesn’t think it too lofty a goal to change Dallas in one day— and if 2010 is any indication, they’re right. Last year’s impact was so successful that for the first time, all three campuses of The Potter’s House will simultaneously conduct neighborhood clean ups.

In recognition of Earth Day, MegaCARE Missions will launch a three tiered, multi-activity approach to a cleaner Dallas/Fort Worth area on Saturday, April 30th. Approximately 500 volunteers will be mobilized for efforts.

The April 30th strategy includes:

-North Dallas neighborhood clean up in partnership with the City of Plano’s “Love Where You Live” campaign

-South Dallas neighborhood clean up in partnership with the City of Dallas’ “Keep Dallas Beautiful” campaign

-Fort Worth neighborhood clean up in support of the “Cow Town Great American Clean-Up” campaign

-Recycling of goods and clothing through Goodwill at all three campuses of The Potter’s House

"Although Earth Day is acknowledged once a year, every day we should appreciate our planet and its precious resources. Our "Green Initiatives” promote several goals; it provides cleaner and healthier communities, it also improves neighborhood pride. I believe the most important value is impacting the next generation and teaching them to be responsible stewards of our world. Together we can build a better tomorrow," said Pastor Ronnie Guynes, executive director of MegaCARE Missions.

Not the organization to hold up service until a designated day, MegaCARE Missions began international beautification efforts early in the month of April on the 8th. Teams touched down in Reynosa, Mexico, mobilizing hundreds of youth for community beautification in support of “Via por Reynosa” (Go for Reynosa). “Via por Reynosa”, is an effort to restore pride in the community and to cast vision for transformation of a better environment. The effort will run well beyond Earth Day into October.

In 2010, MegaCARE Missions experienced some transformative results though Earth Day activities.

MegaCARE Missions partnered with several City of Dallas Municipal Departments and Councilwoman Vonciel Hill from District 5. More than 500 volunteers contributed more than 2500 hours of community service to the “Keep Dallas Beautiful” campaign as part of MegaCARE's Green Initiative.

The manpower and hours donated yielded exciting results; more than 19 tons of liter, debris and bulk items were removed from neighborhood streets and parks in the city of Dallas. But the volunteers didn’t do it alone. Residents that peeked out of their homes or drove by were so inspired by the vibrant sea of color coordinated t-shirts and the work being done, that they joined in and helped beautify their own neighborhoods.

The inspiration has lingered because the residents have maintained Glendale Park so well, that City of Dallas contacts were impressed and wanted additional communities to experience MegaCARE's Green Initiative support in 2011! The goal was not just to clean up trash, but to encourage the residents and foster community service. The idea that Dallas can be changed in one day has clearly been reached—starting with one neighborhood at a time.

MegaCARE Missions is set to do it again, Saturday April 30, 2011.

Interview/Photo Ops:

Interview with Pastor Ronnie Guynes - Executive Director, MegaCARE Missions

Interviews with area site leads (Dallas/FW/North)

Several hundred volunteers working along side city staff to clean

Men, women and youth hauling junk

Locations of Activities:

-North Dallas

Community: Willow Creek Park, Plano, TX

Address: East Park Blvd and Jupiter Rd., Plano

Date and Time: April 30th, 8AM-11:30AM

Beautification Activities: Litter Removal

-South Dallas

Community: Cornerstone South Dallas Community

Address of Base Station: 1819 Martin L King Junior Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75215-2806

Date and Time: April 30th, 9AM-11:30AM

Beautification Activities: Trash and debris pickup, raking of weeds, trimming using weed eaters, praying and ministering to homeless and community residents

-Fort Worth

Community: The Potter’s House of Fort Worth campus

Address of Base Station: 1200 Woodhaven Blvd., Fort Worth, TX

Date and Time: April 30th, 8AM-10:30AM

Beautification Activities: Litter Removal, praying and ministering to homeless and community residents


About MegaCARE

MegaCARE is an international outreach and relief program that supports and initiates sustainable community development efforts through education, health care assistance, humanitarian service and empowerment. The humanitarian arm of The Potter’s House, MegaCARE was founded in 1997 by T.D. Jakes, and has implemented programs in the United States, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, Egypt, India, Bulgaria, Mexico, Belize and Guyana by initiating sustainable development efforts through staff, volunteers and strategic partnerships. Through initiatives including clean water programs, construction of shelter and distribution of food and medicines, MegaCARE has provided relief worldwide. www.megacaremissions.org.

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