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Pastor Bonne' E. Moon

Pastor Bonné E. Moon was raised in the mission fields of Zimbabwe, Africa, where she experienced a rich Christian heritage of bold evangelism, pastoral care and strong doctrinal teaching.  Pastor Moon joined The Potter’s House upon its inception in 1996, became a licensed minister in 1999 and was ordained in 2002. As a motivational and instructional speaker, Pastor Moon is recognized by many as compelling and innovative.  She is also the author of a series of curriculums which have proven to be effective and far-reaching.

Armed with an abundance of faith-based living and life-learned entrepreneurial skills, Pastor Moon successfully established a thriving business in the corporate sector of Dallas while pursuing her passion for ministry. Girded with the sound doctrine of her youth and emboldened by the continual study in her walk with Christ, Pastor Moon is known for her love of God’s revelatory Word and her passion for cultural diversity as it relates to the progression of God’s Kingdom.

It is the life mission of Pastor Moon to be counted among those whose limitless lives are lived by faith, whose tireless labors are fueled by an unending love and whose “hope maketh not ashamed” (Romans 5:5).

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