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Music & Fine Arts

Music & Fine Arts Department

Music & Fine Arts Department

The Potter's House Music and Fine Arts department is a comprehensive organization that meets the performing arts needs for a diverse conglomerate of constituents that attend The Potter's House Church main campus in Dallas, TX and its satellites in North Dallas and Fort Worth. Performing Arts includes music, drama, and dance delivered through live performances, as well as, pre-recorded media (audio and video) for use on television, radio, web, and other applicable means of communication. We are passionate about Christian worship through the arts and embrace the values that it contributes to our church and society: therefore, we are creative, energetic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and proactive, consistently seeking out new ways to realize our mission, vision, core principals and goals.
The Music & Fine Arts Department is comprised of various components to include:

Josiah (Praise Team)
Josiah is an anointed team of worshippers that lead the Potter’s House Church into worship every Sunday.

The Bishop’s Choir
Named after our very own “Bishop T.D. Jakes, the Bishop’s Choir sings more traditional styles of music.

The Potter’s House Choir
The Potter’s House Choir is the award winning recording choir for the Potter’s House Church. The Potter’s House Choir sings more contemporary styles of gospel music.

The Potter’s House Chorale
The Potter’s House Chorale is an ensemble of disciplined singers that sing choral styles of music.

Before His Thorne Dance Ministry
An anointed group of dancers whose main purpose is to usher in the presence of God for worship services, special services and church events.

The Potter’s House Drama Team
The Potter’s House Drama Team is comprised of a skilled group of volunteers, professional actors and directors that offer productions for sacred services and special events.

The Potter’s House Mime Team
The Mime team brings a powerful expression of silent worship through dance and interpretation.

Music & Fine Arts Staff

Executive Director of the Music & Fine Arts Department

Jamar Jones

Minister of Music & Director of the Potter’s House Choir

Myron Butler

Asst. Minister of Music & Director of the Bishop’s Choir

Pastor Valerie Crumpton

Artistic Director, Music and Fine Arts, TPH Dallas

Oscar Williams Jr.

TPHFW Campus Music Director  Crystal Aikin

TPHND Minister of Music

Chris Baker

Before His Throne Dance Ministry

Mickye Castillo

The Potter’s House Drama Ministry

Aya Lawson

Music & Fine Arts Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

April Nevels (anevels@tdjakes.org)



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