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Debutante Alumnae Program
The turn of the millennium brought forth the announcement of The Potter’s House Debutante Alumnae Program.  The Debutante Alumnae Program is an extension of the Core Debutante Program and was designed to provide a continuum of personal relationship and learning for the Debutantes that have and will graduate from the Core Program.
In addition to focusing on higher order thinking and life skills, the program provides focus in the areas of self-awareness ad personal productivity.  The pursuit of and success in higher education institutions is also a key area of focus.  Curriculum spans activities that prepare the Debutantes for college; teach them how to survive the transition from college to the world or work, and examines the many decisions that surround the pursuit of graduate level education.  Alumnae Debutantes are also trained to serve as “big sisters” to the Junior Debutantes and peer mentor to the Core Debutantes.
Debutante Program
The Debutante Program was born out of the vision of First Lady Jakes that our daughters be ushered into their promise by the wisdom, mentoring, and life coaching we afford them in love.  The main pillars at the center of the program’s framework are:

  • A strong spirit of awareness
  • A spirit of excellence.
  • Chaste behavior
  • A sweet aroma of feminine behavior 
The debutantes are chosen based on the following criteria:  Achieve and maintain a B or higher academic standing; maintain a membership in good standing at a local church, and demonstrate outstanding character, leadership, dependability, and service in school and/or the community.  Core Debutantes are between the ages of 15 to 17; Junior Debutantes are between 12 and 14 years of age.
Trained mentors are assigned to work with the debutantes and are required to present before them an exemplary lifestyle.  Sessions in faith, etiquette, chastity, finances, and human relationships are addressed during the Debutante’s seven months of training.   The end of their training culminates with a consecration dinner.  

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